Stefano Iacobucci 

 Qualifica: Ricercatore

 Sede: Sezione staccata di Montelibretti - Roma

Tel 06-90672249  e-mail:  Fax +39-0690672238

Tematiche di ricerca

Study of electronic properties of surfaces

Novel instrumentation and techniques for electron spectroscopy.

Auto-organizzazione alla superficie in materiali complessi 



Selected Significant Publications

· G.Currò, R.Cosso, M.Sancrotti, L.Duò, S.D'Addato, S.Nannarone, S.Iacobucci, G.Panaccione, P.Weightman, "Synchrotron Radiation Investigation of the Chemical Dependence of the Vacancy Satellite Structure of the Ni L3VV Spectra in Ni-Silicides", Phys.Rev.B 46 (1992) 15652-15659

· S.Iacobucci, L.Marassi, R.Camilloni, S.Nannarone, G.Stefani "Reflection (e,2e) Spectroscopy on Surfaces", Phys.Rev.B 51 (1995) R10252-10255

· S. Rioual, S. Iacobucci, D. Neri, A. S. Kheifets, G. Stefani, “Momentum distribution and valence-band reconstruction in graphite by grazing incidence (e,2e) spectroscopy”, Phys. Rev. B 57 (1998) 2545

· S. Iacobucci, M. Sacchi, L. Marassi, V. Marocchi and G. Stefani; “L2,3VV Coster-Kronig decay in nickel: The near-edge region”, Phys. Rev. B 59 (1999) 9898-9902

· G. Stefani, S. Iacobucci, A. Ruocco, R. Gotter, "Electron–electron coincidence spectroscopies at surfaces", J. Electron Spectrosc. Relat. Phenom., 127 (2002) 1–10


Work Experience

The scientific activity is centered on the study of the electronic properties of surfaces and solids, both by conventional and by innovative electron and photon spectroscopies, with particular interest to the problem of electron correlation. The research is of fundamental character and is based on a specific experimental approach which bears the development of both new scientific instruments and data analysis tools. The activity is driven in co-operation with several Insitutions of research: with the “Istituto Nazionale di Fisica della Materia“ (INFM) at Elettra (Trieste, Italy); with LURE-CNRS (Orsay, France), where Dr. Iacobucci has been working for two years (1994-95) upon a contract with the CNRS on the project "X-ray dichroism of interfaces and thin films"; and with the Department of Physics of the “Università degli Studi di RomaTre” (Roma, Italy). Within the convention between this University and the IMIP he is tutor of a PHD thesis. He was co-organizer of the “International Symposium on (e,2e), Double Photoionization and Related Topics” (Frascati, August 1997). The interest of the international scientific community on his research topic is witnessed by the number of publications on international journals (see list apart) and by the participation at several international conferences (two invited talks and more than 20 both oral and poster communications).